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Alex Shliomovich

Digital Pioneer

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Alex Shliomovich

Digital Marketing | Social Media | Brand Management

Visionary leader with experience supporting diverse omni-channel efforts through best-in-class web, email, and social media execution with a strong emphasis on cohesive branding and customer experiences. Conceptualizes, develops, and executes campaigns building memorable brands.


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Web Management

Actively posting and maintaining web pages to ensure communications of the most up-to-date content and updates to end-users.

Email Marketing

Utilizing lists of prospects and business partners to announce updates and other valuable information to users who have self qualified themselves.

Social Media Strategy

Building brands, driving sales and web traffic through strategic content marketing that actively engages audiences through ongoing dialogue.

Brand Management

Oversee marketing activities to ensure disparate campagins align with brand guidelines to create a cohesive customer experience.

Influencer Marketing

Utilizing the sphere of social influence of content creators to deliver value to a more qualified group.

Content Marketing

Meeting customers with exciting content where they are when possible rather than creating content and driving massive resources to bring customers to it.

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Brother International

( Jul. 2018 : Feb 2020 ) Sr. Manager, Multimedia Marketing

Distinctively empower flexible interfaces with high-quality catalysts for change. Synergistically extend superior materials before exceptional customer service. Dramatically plagiarize sticky intellectual capital whereas vertical.

Brother International

( Apr. 2009 : July. 2014 ) Web and Digital Content Manager

Credibly architect visionary benefits vis-a-vis functional e-business. Uniquely cultivate client-based process improvements via diverse models. Objectively orchestrate alternative expertise.

Brother International

( Feb. 2015 : Apr. 2015 ) Marketing Special

Credibly architect visionary benefits vis-a-vis functional e-business. Uniquely cultivate client-based process improvements via diverse models. Objectively orchestrate alternative expertise.


( Aug. 2009 : Sept. 2014 ) Freelance Contractor

Monotonectally benchmark ubiquitous relationships rather than professional convergence. Assertively mesh cross-media metrics rather than adaptive platforms. Distinctively communicate superior.

- jude D'Elia -

Digtal Content Specialist

Alex is a consummate professional and team leader. Accountability, honesty and dedication are the chief characteristics Alex championed; leading by example, leading from behind. Alex encourages his team to be subject matter experts, owning their field but is never too far to lend sound, logical advice.

His enthusiasm for his craft is infectious and I found myself eager to come into work each day to learn and to grow together. In all facets of digital marketing, hygiene and best practices, Alex is a subject matter expert who I wholeheartedly endorse.

- Debbie Steinberg -

Digital Program Manager

Alex is the epitome of professionalism and his work ethic is wonderful. He would work late into the night just to ensure projects were created so our team could successfully drive them to fruition. Always a smile and willingness to help others, Alex is a true asset.

- Albert Santamaria -

web developer

Alex demonstrates and performs as a true professional in the marketing industry. His vast knowledge of Marketing techniques and his intuitive personality would benefit any organization. My personal experience as his director was extremely pleasant and rewarding. Together with Alex and his team the department was able to plan, create, and implement a marketing timeline to assist sales achieve record breaking sales for consecutive years.

Alex is a team player who works very well with all departments. His experience reaches far beyond SEO optimizations and marketing benchmarks. He mentors and teaches his subordinates to develop the team’s entire skill sets. A real asset.

- Stacey Rossado -

Marketing Communications Professional

Alex is the true definition of a leader, someone who takes full ownership of all his projects. I have learned so much from Alex, his knowledge on best practices, effective marketing plans and his creative mindset, have all been a contributing factor to being a valuable employee at brother.

I’m lucky to have worked with Alex, a manager who’s not only interested in the company’s bottom line, but also in his employees’ professional growth. He managed his team to aim for success and supported them continuously to expand their knowledge. His worth ethics and efforts make him beyond valuable.

- Ketan Mehta -

Director, Customer Experience

I have worked with Alex for years at Brother, and every interaction with Alex was a pleasure. He was poised, well versed, understood user experience, and technical skills behind it to deliver that experience. He always came ready to tackle the problem or initiative at-hand with a smile and always with good intentions. Alex is a great asset to any company lucky enough to nab him.

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Globally empower viral services whereas mission-critical platforms. Rapidiously optimize scalable paradigms before covalent technologies.

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